Monday, 22 June 2015

Wimbledon 2015

Oh how I love Wimbledon, let me count the ways:

1. Your Pimm's bubbles.
2. Strawberries & cream is your signature meal (healthy and tasty).
3. Rain or shine we all have a good time.
4. In fact some of Wimbledons top moments have been during rain delays.
5. Your uniform of 'All-in-White' is chic and sophisticated.
6. I love to play 'guess who' to all the fabulous spectators that fill the Royal box.
7. Even though it's agony I love to see Andy Murray playing his best game on grass.
8. I'm happy to sit on coats/blanket/friends on Henman Hill/Murray Mound and watch all the action on the big screen (rain or shine! Pass the brolly).
9. I love the support. Every player has their fandom in their corner, with tshirts, hats and banners to show how much they're loved. The Hewitt chants, the Nadal 'Vamous!' cheers and all the nations flags flying high.
10. Wimbledon is the best place to people watch. Whether it's looking out for the commentators (Annabel Croft, in my eyes, has a brilliant job... She gets to travel the tennis tour, talk about tennis all day and chat with the players, and she always looks fantastic. Major shoe envy. And who doesn't love Sue Barker?), checking out the fabulously dressed guys and gals or hunting out for the players other halves (Kim Sears is a style hero.) You're bound to spot some fantastic (and hilarious) outfits.
11. The atmosphere around the grounds is electric from the show courts to the outside courts and the practice area. I can get so close to the action. And when the Brits are winning, there's no place better to be.
12. I love to dream. Each year we all unite on holding our breath when watching Murray step out onto court. We cheer, we sigh, and we hope. He's done it once and it was magnificent. So this year with toes and fingers crossed we can dream of Murray lifting the trophy once again! 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Nod To The Cowboys

A Nod To The Cowboy

When I flicked through my beloved ELLE magazines and saw the latest trends my instant thought was "really, flares... Not a chance" "suede, I don't think that's particularly practical". But I mulled the idea over and have been converted. From the 70s influences, the cowboys and the hippies, I tip my hat to the trend. Last week I purchased my first piece, a gorgeous zip front A-line suede skirt from M&S and I'm in love with it. Paired with plain black tee and my denim shirt it's the perfect summer piece, smart enough for the office but will be fun for the weekends.

Check out my latest Pinterest board to see my inspiration and what I love about this trend.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

I don't think there are enough adjectives in the English language for me to express how amazing the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A is. I was totally mind blown by the whole experience. 

I always expect great things for exhibitions, the clothes on display are lavish and the photographs are fantastic. But what I saw at the Savage Beauty exhibition was nothing short of theatre. Each room you went into told a different story, mixing his collections but ultimately the themes focused on one of the strongest catwalk shows of his time. There was definitely an overriding quite deeply disturbing vibe throughout the exhibition which reflects the life McQueen lived and how he became inspired for his collections.

My highlights of the exhibition would have to be:
'Cabinet of Curiosities' - A beautiful room full of nooks and crannies showing of the exquisite gowns, headdresses, shoes, bodices and so much more. It felt like you were walking into the set of one of the Harry Potter films. In the middle of the room was the finished "paint dress" spinning around as it did in the catwalk show where it became painted by mechanic arms. That's a true work of art.

'The Window of Culloden' - I don't know if anything has ever quite taken my breath away like this illusion of Kate Moss, suspended like a ghost in a prism. The room just became quiet whilst watching her move so gracefully and looking so serene. It was a recreation of the 2006 show where Kate was projected across the catwalk as a hologram, looking just like a ghost.

'Plato's Atlantis' - This is the last full collection that Alexander McQueen created before his death in 2010. It's a vision of the future and my favourite collection. The digitally engineered prints of sea creatures, jellyfish and the huge armadillo skin boots feel very modern and 'out of this world'. To see the army of dresses side by side was a dream, I definitely can see myself rocking one of the dresses for a night out... Right?

Unfortunately you can't take photos in the exhibition but as it was a birthday day out I was treated to the exceptionally beautiful book that accompanies the exhibition. This is definitely a coffee table book, it's a heavy weight, indulgent page turner. Filled with beautiful pictures of backstage, the designs, catwalk shows and McQueens life. It's a beautiful memoir to celebrate his life and his work. It will defitnley be centre stage on my coffee table (one day when I get that beautiful Notting Hill home that I dream of). I highly recommend that you go book tickets right now to witness this fabulous collection (before it finishes at the beginning of August) which has been pulled together and presented in the most wondrous of ways.
I leave, breathless and inspired.
"I think there is beauty in everything. What "normal" people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it." - Alexander McQueen