Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Run Day

Sunday mornings are made for lazing around in bed. But once I had crawled out of my pit I decided that I should probably get out for some fresh air today.

During the week I regularly attend Circuits and Pilates classes down at my local gym which I absolutely love. I didn't realise how much I would enjoy taking part in these classes but some days they are the highlight of the working week, they give me something else to focus on for a change.

However as this week is Christmas, there are limited classes and I have more shifts at work so won't be able to attend, so only thing for it was a Sunday run day.

I gave my Sweaty Betty Leggings their first intense running trial today, as so far they've only been worn for indoor classes. I can confirm they are perfect. Comfortable, movable, supportive and flattering... Everything I'm looking for in my workout. They're also surprisingly warm for a standard fitness legging, I know it's not freezing outside but the wind makes it feel cooler and yet my legs felt protected enough for the run. 

Happy Sunday everyone x

Leggings available at:

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Feminism; where do I stand?

If I’m honest I never really thought about the word ‘feminism’ or what it was to be a feminist before reading ELLE’s ‘Rebranding Feminism’ debate November last year. But when I think back to school PE days I realise it has always been something that I’m silently questioning.

It was the dreaded ‘Bleep Test’; a test of endurance and speed. Whilst still in mixed PE classes, the boys were all on board for the test, challenging each other, spurring each other on. Take one look at the girls and you could see that the interest was limited. The test begins, slowly the bleeps get quicker and you must run faster to reach the line before each bleep. By the sixth bleep most of the girls are out (mostly by choice and lack of effort) and sitting at the side of the hall, watching the boys and giggling. Far more interested in admiring these young athletes in the making rather than challenging themselves and their own strengths.
Down to the remaining few, the ratio of boys to girls approximately 3:1, maybe three of us girls still going, amongst the supposedly far stronger and more competitive boys. It wasn’t that I wanted to beat the boys, it was that I wanted to take part and I wanted to compete with the class; both boys and girls. I didn’t see the difference, why shouldn't the girls fight against the boys in a test of strength and endurance? I think if you were to ask the other girls running with me they would agree that we were competing to beat ourselves, each other and the boys, all in one fair swoop. Not trying to create a divide between the sexes. So why as we move up the school years are we segregated into Football for the boys and Netball for the girls? Why separate two sports by gender? To me it created a stereotype for sports - netball for girls, football for boys; prompting a generalisation of:“Let’s not ask the boys to play netball because that’s far to ‘girly’ for them to play”; “Oh the girls won’t play football because they don’t want to get muddy”; I'm sure the school system had it's reasons behind class distribution but I do wonder - Did anyone think to actually stop and ask what we wanted?
Flash forward to my years at University. A clear time of ‘labels’ and achievements. If a man has a successful night with various women he is applauded by his peers, branded a ‘Lad’ (which apparently they see as a positive status) and receives high-fives. Now what happens if a woman brags about her rendezvous? She receives a ship-full of negative comments, vicious stereotypes and labels that brand her as tainted and unwomanly. Or in some cases the phrase “trying to be one of the boys” is voiced, as though our actions are to fit in with the boys and not to fulfil our own desires and passions. It’s a very childish reaction and to me it just showcases the different platforms that women and men are put on, they’re not equal, if both sexes are doing the same thing they should receive the same reaction.

I could probably continue recollecting about what I have witnessed in gender equality in my life so far but I don’t want to keep looking back at what was. It is time to look forward at what is to come. I want to applaud ELLE for their fantastic December ‘The Feminism Issue’, which includes powerful and inspiring women as well as intelligent and thoughtful men. Because we do love men, we do want them in our lives, we want them to be a part of our world as much as we’re a part of ‘The Mans’ world’. We want one world where no-one questions your sex or sexuality on a form or questionnaire. Together is the way forward, there’s no need to ‘man-bash’ we all need to nurture one another and tell each other what we need and why. For men to be emotional and passionate and women to be strong and determined. Let’s get rid of the gender inequality!
My last note is to Emma Watson and her work for #HeForShe. Her speech at UN Headquarters in September was powerful, filled with emotion, informative, honest and captivating. She is a role model to me, with her beauty on the inside and out, her confidence is something that I want to achieve. To believe in something and to stand up for it and fight. Whether it’s for personal dreams or for a bigger cause. I will have a voice and I will always be the best I can be, in high heels or bare feet.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunrise in Australia; peace of mind, adventure and happiness

"Always wandering. Always wondering. Always open to whatever comes next. Shedding old skins for new. While seeking peace in madness and zen in the middle of a storm. Where foreign becomes familiar, and being a stranger isn't strange at all.  Because home is a mindset.  And getting lost is where you get found."
- Words from the Roxy Blog, a place of inspiration, adventure and beautiful clothes;

Weekend Christmas Shop

Weekend Christmas shopping has begun. My gift giving this year is about appreciating the small things, thoughtful gifts wrapped with love. With limited funds to spend I am tailoring gift boxes to each of my loved ones, spending little but giving a lot. My first stop was Lush, who doesn't love a bath bomb bursting with colour, gorgeous smells and a luxury feel?
With weekend one of Christmas shopping done, I went to the cinema with the boyfriend to see The Imitation Game and I must recommend it to anyone and everyone! It was brilliant, Benedict Cumberbatch was simply incredible and played the part with grace and intelligence.
I hope you all had a nice weekend, remember to keep warm (with luxury hot chocolates or a tartan scarf) and have fun x

Thursday, 20 November 2014

#ChristmasWishlist in association with Mint Velvet

My #ChristmasWishlist in association with Mint Velvet Pinterest.

I have entered into Mint Velvet's competition to win a £150 voucher to spend in store! What's not to love about that? All you have to do is create a board on Pinterest of your #ChristmasWishes. My main wish this year is to spend time with my loved ones, in cosy socks and jumpers. Oh, and snow!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tartan & Trainers

Even though we are into our winter months, due to the warm weather, the trees are still abundantly colourful. Reds, oranges and an array of auburn colours, so beautiful and enchanting. I decided to step outside today and enjoy the crisp air and colourful trees. Wearing my favourite new scarf from Next, I can't seem to get away from tartan in winter, simple and elegant, it adds a special something to any outfit. Laced up in my trusty Nike trainers I powered on off through the trees and explored the wonders of the natural world.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Winter Wish List

This week I received two wonderfully created Winter catalogues from Sweaty Betty and Mint Velvet. Here I am going to just share a few of my favourite pieces, ones that will be on my Christmas wish list. Each catalogue is so well put together that I feel myself gazing at each page, longing to own it all and be one of the girls in the catalogue. 

Mint Velvet - Winter greys are luxurious and practical, easily worn over various layers and can all be worn together in different hues. My star pick from here would be the 'Thea Nubuck Stud Strap Boots' £159; available in black and charcoal, studs and a Western feel to them creating a 'streetwise' vibe.

Sweaty Betty - Every piece from their ski collection is spectacular. It's bright and vibrant, making you easy to spot on and off the slopes. The accessories pop in bright neon fleece and the leggings and tops in dynamic and flattering shapes. One of my favourite items is the 'Ski Jumper' £85 the cute little design makes for a fun après ski jumper, just cosy up with a hot chocolate around a fire, in a log cabin by the slopes (oh just my wish for this winter season)

Find all these beautiful items online and I recommend joining the mailing lists to relieve these catalogues each season, even if it's just to browse through you will be pleased:

The Final Showdown

Photos from @tomasberdych (these guys and their selfies together are just perfect)

The Final Showdown is upon us. That is the ATP Masters World Tour's final tournament of the year and it all kicks off in our beautiful city, London.

As far as tennis goes, it has definitely become more glamorous and talked about over the last few years. Much of this is thanks to Andy Murray's great success which finally gave Britain hope. When the top eight players embark down on London for this week at the O2, suddenly London couldn't look any more desirable; the Christmas lights are coming on, festive spirit is rising and the competition is at it's peak.

The battle to win a place in the last eight has been extremely tight this year and we see two newbies making their debut at the tournament; Nishikori and Raonic. Along with some favourites, Federer, Djokovic and Murray amongst the final eight to compete for the last trophy of the year. It looks set to be a fight to the end, with the edge probably being with Djokovic going for his third consecutive win here. But I wouldn't write off Australian Open Champion Wawrinka or US Open Champion Cilic, and of course how could I forget a favourite of mine Tomas Berdych whose form is always exceptional but sometimes lacks that final hit to knock the top boys off their perch.

Notably we will be missing Nadal who is recovering from surgery and who I hope will be fit and ready to get back to Australia in the new year and fight for that trophy that he just missed out on this year due to injury in the final.

I would put my money on Djokovic to win this tournament due to previous form and his achievements here before. I don't know if Murray has quite got enough left in the tank after fighting hard to win a place at the tournament and I will put an outside bet on Wawrinka who started the year with his first Grand Slam title, who undoubtedly wants to end the year on a high.

You can watch all the action live on BBC2 2pm each day and Sky Sports full day and evening matches.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Winter scent

Candle - The White Company Winter £8 mini candle

October is drawing to a close and with that I have purchased my first Winter candle of the season. As colourful Autumn days turn to cold Winter nights, I'm just about ready to settle in for quiet nights on the sofa in my cosy socks and blankets, with a steaming cup of coco and a good book. To accompany this I need my winter scent. Each year the smell of this The White Company Winter candle is just enchanting, with hints of orange, cinnamon and clove it perfectly sums up winter in a smell. You know how smells bring memories, this scent always reminds me of nights in round the fire on the lead up to Christmas.

For an alternative try this Festive Spice Frangreced Tree from Next, again a gorgeous winter smell with notes of orange, red berries and festive spice, all captured in a decorative tree in pot pourri form. Available from:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Outfits for week two

Smart casual is always an interesting look to master, you can put emphasis on either side of the scale. This week with some sunny days still occurring in London I bared my legs with some smart Zara shorts but kept the outfit casual by pairing it with a white jumper and my nike trainers, perfect for running for the train. Black and white Wednesday was a running late day, grab a graphic top, black skinnies and go! Quite a casual look but I still felt appropriately smart and stylish for the environment I was in. Last look included adding some pattern to my outfit, something I'm not always confident with. Mixing patterns I find challenging, so I kept this look simple with a cream shirt and my trusty Ted Baker blazer, the best blazer going to take you from day time office to drinks after work.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks interning, learnt a lot, got to be more expressive with my clothes and made some great friends. Interning in the best way forward and I look forward to many more opportunities.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Outfits for week one

So it would be safe to say that my staple item this week were my gorgeous new boots. These oxblood biker boots are pretty much the greatest boots I've owend. They're comfortable, stylish and practical for all weather and outfits. 

Here I have styled them three different ways, casual with ripped skinnies; with tights and a t-shirt dress;  and bare legged to punk up a cute evening outfit. Said boots are also available in black and are from Marks & Spencer Limited Collection range for £45.

What way would you style them?

Friday, 5 September 2014

The marmite debate

One week in the city, I'm coming to the conclusion that living or commuting to London is a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it.

I think I'm leaning more towards the love side because it's new and exciting. I'm getting an inside to what my life could be, busy, ever moving, fueled with coffee and gossip. My first week as an intern has been great. I am given responsibility with tasks and left to use my initiative to move onto new tasks, rather than just shadowing what someone else is doing I get my own computer and own responsibilities. 

It has been interesting to work within PR from a brands focus, working with the clothes and pulling items to send out to the publications. From sitting in on meetings I have learnt about how much goes into organising an event, such as VFNO coming up soon. The PR team are in charge of the event held in NEXT Oxford street, the gifts and competitions, the entertainment and the marketing on social media. It's a very creative role these women have and I have loved being able to hear about who they work with and how closely involved they are with photographers, stylists and such when on shoots.

With what I'm learning here I would love my next opportunity to work for a publication in their PR office to see it from the other side, requesting clothes for certain themed stories or adverts. There is definitely a much more balanced relationship between the brand and the publication when shooting looks, which I was before hand not so aware of. When a brand is paying to have their advert in a magazine or to have a special feature obviously they want to get as much as they can into the shoot so they will attend to share their guidance and knowledge of the product with the photographer and stylist,to make sure the product is being properly represented. 

For now it's time for me to sleep all weekend because this week of commuting has left me completely shattered. Until next week!

Train Playlist this week: 
Sleeping With Sirens, The Vaccines, Ronan Keating, Twin Atlantic, Taylor Swift, Artic Monkeys 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 1 in the city

Who doesn't love a good selection of colour coordinated clothes?

My first day as an intern is much like Bambi learning to walk. I'm finding my feet, hidden beneath my boots. Learning new systems, new names and how to act like I commute everyday amongst the hussel and bustle of London. 

Today's tasks included:
Booking out clothes to stylists and publications
Returning items from press into the showroom
Scouting for media coverage from Sunday supplements
Tidying up the showroom and organising the Christmas Home collection show space

Today's train playlist:
The 1975 and some Gaslight Anthem

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday run day

After an alcohol fueled weekend, celebrating birthdays with close friends, it was time for a well needed run. The next two weeks I am working at Next PR and figured starting my week with a health kick would probably help get me started. 

I may not run far or fast, but I run. Just to get out there for 20minutes helps refresh my body and my clogged up mind. So now the alcohol is out of my system, I've had a fruit day and plenty of water, and my mind is ready to learn and be challenged for the next two weeks of work placement.

Go out and get those dreams, run those miles and challenge your mind. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Open your heart to the sun..... And breath

Three days hard work and early mornings has pushed me this week. However I have enjoyed these shifts; I've been involved in merchandising the new collections in store, presenting the marketing displays, combining accessories and basically making sure the clothes look desirable to our customers. It's much more the area of fashion I want to be involved in and I feel privileged that my manager allowed me to have this responsibility to be more creative at work.

After these early days, heavy lifting and long shifts, Wednesday nights Pilates class was just what I needed. Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is excericise after a long day, you just want to curl up in bed with chocolate and watch a film. But with a class booked, I had to get off my bum and go. 

The workout was tough, lots of thigh and bum strengthening and toning. With the sun gleaming through, pumping my legs and breathing hard I felt like I was working out all the stress and tension from the last three days. As always those last three minutes of just laying, breathing and fully relaxing and pushing out any thoughts in my mind were beneficial. Mind clear, body pushed, feeling good. 

Open your heart to the sun... And breath

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fitness update

Last night at my Pilates class we were introduced the fitness balls... this lead to lots of hysteria as our improving balance was tested and our core strength was pushed to its limits.

Since I started Pilates when I arrived home from Australia in March, I have found that it really helps to build up my core muscles and also help me to relax. Just an hour once a week is the beginning of feeling healthier inside and out. Because it is a local gym we go to, me and my mum can walk to the session each week which just adds to the work out and it's an hour and a half where I completely shut out the world; no technology and no communication with anything outside my class. I definitely need this time to just think about myself, my body and not worry about everything else going on.

Along with Pilates I am attempting these 30 Day challenges and I will admit sometimes I do miss a day so it will take me longer to complete. I find that even though I'm not noticing physical changes from the Ab workout, I have noticed a change in my strength and do find each movement easier each time and it has helped out with my core strength for my Pilates classes. Squat challenge definitely improves the tone and perkiness of the bottom. In general I am feeling stronger and leaner, I just struggle with sticking to a healthy diet and not snacking so much, but I'm sure I'll get there soon enough.

It's just best to remember that doing a little bit of exercise, whatever it is, helps not only your body but your mind. Sometimes we stress too much about things we can do nothing about. Just switch off that phone, close your mind off to the outside world and just stretch, run, jump and smile

Summer flowers

Having fresh flowers around the house in Summer is just one of the best things. They brighten up the room and in general just look very pretty. Luckily my lovely boyfriend brought me this bouquet, a combination of purples, yellows and white which matches the décor of my room. I love that there is one solitude yellow rose and sunflower amongst the bouquet.
During the day I like to have the flowers out by my window so that they are illuminated by the natural day light. A good sized bouquet of flowers can make a statement feature in any room, choose the right colours and size they will look beautiful on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day trip to Wimbledon


I say trip because I quite literally bumped into Laura Robson when I was leaving Court 3 at lunchtime on Monday. I was exiting the premises, after watching the beautiful Lopez win his third round match against the giant that is Isner, as Laura Robson was coming into the court to head up to the commentators box for the start of the women's 4th round match. I must say she is a lot taller than she looks on tv!

The Lopez vs Isner match was full of excitement and big big serves. Three tie break sets, the first in which Isners powerful serve saw him break through, the next two with Lopez's graceful glide across court for some beautiful backhand shots saw him 2 sets to 1 up going into the fourth set. At 5 all in the 4th set Lopez jumped for joy as he finally managed to break Isner, the joy was written all over his face and from there he served out for the match winning 6-7,7-6,7-6,7-5.

True to Wimbledon we did experience some rain delays, which is actually quite exciting as you watch the super quick ground staff get everything off the court and the covers across in a flash. Rain delays mean a chance to stretch the legs have a look in the shops, and be able to go and look at some of the now very historical photographs and score boards... Andy Murray 2013 champion, it is just such an incredible achievement and so exciting to see the photos of him holding his trophy. 

We watched Murray on the big screen at *insert chosen title here* (Henman Hill/Murray Mount/Mound) as he pushed aside 20th seed Kevin Anderson, sat back in our seats to see Makarova dismiss Radwanska in straight sets and watched the start of a quick hit mixed doubles matched which was great fun to watch, but come 7.30pm and the heavens started to open again.... So after a full day of excitement, Pimms and weather woes we headed on our merry way home.

Stars spotted around the Wimbledon grounds:
Judy Murray up in the members balcony watching over at her 'Deliciano' Lopez
Laura Robson
Marin Cilic 
Kim Sears
Trevor McDonald

*as writing this I'm sad to update that Lopez has been knocked out by Wawrinka in the fourth round
**as predicted tomorrow will see a quarter final clash between Andy Murray and Dimitrov (can't wait!)
***new up and coming 19 year old Australian, Kyrgios, is currently at one set all and on serve in the third (Tuesday 1st July 6.30pm) against Nadal, and he looks fierce, fantastic server and very quick player! He is definitely going to be one to watch... But is he ready for the big occasion, can he handle the pressure to knock out this champion? 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Wimbledon 2014


Here it is, my favourite time of year. For two weeks I'm blissfully happy knowing that there will always be something for me to watch on TV and keep me entertained. Wimbledon; two weeks of fantastic tennis, enthralling matches and competition, all in the beautiful surroundings of SW19 (with a Pimms in your hand at all times, it's practically mandatory at The All England Lawn Tennis Club)
I just wanted to take this time to reflect on Andy Murray's euphoric win last summer and the emotions that came with it! It was great to see him come out onto Centre Court today as defending champion, breeze through his first round match and look delighted (and if not just a little bit relieved) to have started the tournament well. In the lead up to this year’s Wimbledon I have been looking back on some publications/books and news articles about Murray before and after his glorious triumph. It's so interesting to look back and read about how he was feeling before Wimbledon 2013, before his life changed and the weight was lifted off his shoulders, knowing now that he is the defending champion. 
If you're interested in reading up on Andy Murray's career so far and his road to Wimbledon 2013, then I highly recommend: Andy Murray Champion and Andy Murray Seventy Seven -My Road to Wimbledon Glory. Both fantastic books which really open your eyes to the world that Murray lives in. Also a great read is an article in the July 2013 issue of GQ, just before his Wimbledon campaign began, and they have recently followed up with an online article you can read here.
For a fashion fix, check out Mr Porter – The Look: Mr Andy Murray, where Andy Murray shows off that he is more than just the man behind the racket, he is a rather stylish gentleman too.
Wimbledon 2014; ones to watch:
Andy Murray; it would be wrong to think that Murray will be anything other than determined to hold onto that trophy and defend his title.
Rafael Nadal; last year he was one of the biggest shocks of the tournament, being knocked out in the first round by Belgian Steve Darcis. But this year, I think he's back to full fitness, he'll be feeling great after his French Open title and in all honesty I can never write Nadal off (especially not after watching him full power on the practice courts up close at the Australia Open in January, what a man!)
Grigor Dimitrov; my third one to watch is the young (and handsome) Bulgarian. At the ripe old age of 23 he is looking powerful and inspired. He won on grass at Queens Club, just a week ago, and is improving at every tournament. Back in January he got his first taste of a Grand Slam quarter final at the Australian Open (yes, I was there to witness this moment, makes me a bit giddy to think I was actually there!) So I think this could be Dimitrov's year to really make an impression at Wimbledon.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

30 Day Challenge

And so it begins. I am setting myself a goal over the next thirty days to complete the '30 day ab challenge' and the '30 day squat challenge'. Whilst the World Cup has well and truly 'kicked off' (excuse the pun) I have decided that now is as good as time as ever to attempt to complete some challenges and tone up ready for summer.
My first couple of days of squats has been okay but tomorrow it goes up to 75 and that does sound a tad more of a mountain to climb for me, but I will give it a go! 'Motivation in key, but habit is what keeps you going' taking this motto and hoping that I will be able to complete my task.
I will give weekly updates to share how I'm going and the effects I'm feeling after the work outs. Wish me luck!
Each workout is a free app I've downloaded onto my iPad 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday musings #carpediem

A little bit of spot

Summer dressing needs to be kept simple. Light, comfortable clothes that can transition from day to night. My key pieces I've been hunting for to add to my summer wardrobe are play suits and jump suits. These two similar choices make getting ready for a long hot summer day much easier, just grab and go. They are versatile also, by adding different accessories and shoes you can change the whole look of an outfit from day to night or casual to formal event.

This little beauty I picked up from Next, a simple black polka dot play suit, strapless and with pockets to keep it casual. I will be teaming it with sandals for the day and my new heeled sandals for any evening events. My accessory of choice involves piling on stacked rings and multiple chain necklaces, with a good pair of over sized sunnies. And you can never go wrong with a brown satchel, big enough for all your little essentials. Verdict is that this outfit will be a wardrobe staple of mine for easy dressing on those hot mornings when I can't bare to wear tight denim shorts!

Polka dot play suit £28 Next
Brown Satchel £22 Next
Jewellery various

Friday, 13 June 2014

How to follow my blog

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Cheers to a picnic perfect summer

As the weather starts to improve all I think about is getting out and enjoying the sunshine with family and friends. A low cost way to enjoy the summer is to pack up a bag with all your picnic favourite foods and head outside. Whether it's the beach, park or countryside just get out there and enjoy the beautiful free locations that England has to offer. The best place to go to get all your picnic essentials? Marks and Spencer, their outdoor garden furniture and accessories are just a delight, bright colours, fun patters and most of all they're affordable and practical. Here are my cheeky new picnic purchases perfect to take for a day out this Summer. Let's hope the sun keeps shining.
My perfect backpack picnic; cutlery and utensils for two, a blanket and cool bag all in one compact carrier. I will be packing this up to take for a day at Wimbledon, filled with Pimms, strawberries and Macaroons (and it's in the colours of The All England Club)

An alternative is to go for the bright and bold. This roll up blanket is great to take along for the day, no fussy cases, just roll the blanket and it velcros together and has a carry handle. Pair with some bright accessories such as cups and plates (a cocktail jug is always recommended) and you'll have no excuses not to spend days lazing around the garden or park, all at no cost (other than your fun little purchases you can use again and again)

Green backpack picnic carrier £39.99 Marks and Spencer
Pink picnic rug £19.99 Marks and Spencer
Yellow cup (available in pink and blue) £5 Marks and Spencer
Brown Satchel £22 Next
Wimbledon mugs purchased at Wimbledon last year

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Australian Adventure

I could write for hours about how unbelievable my 10 week trip to Australia was. Instead I will share some of my favourite memories, the moments that made me catch my breath, squeal out loud, and make my heart stop.

(All images my own and these few are selected out of probably 3000+ so you're lucky I'm not bombarding you with that many)
1. Road trip to The Twelve Apostles
2&3. My beautiful Sydney
4. 7K hike up Wilsons Prom
5. Visiting the Home and Away set and watching filming (and meeting cast members!) at Palm Beach Sydney
6. My best friend Darryl at Taronga Zoo
7. Feeding Wallabies in Port Douglas/Cairns
8. Learning to surf in Sydney, such a brilliant feeling to catch a wave and spend a weekend cut off from the rest of the world and do nothing but surf.
9. Milla Milla Falls, Cairns
10. Beautiful fish in the Great Barrier Reef
11. Reef selfie
12. 6.30am sunrise in Apollo Bay
13. Meeting Nadal at the Australian Open! (Spent two days there, so much fun!)
14. Eureka Tower, Melbourne
15. Handstand celebration after the hike at Wilsons Prom
16. Celebrating Australia Day