Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Run Day

Sunday mornings are made for lazing around in bed. But once I had crawled out of my pit I decided that I should probably get out for some fresh air today.

During the week I regularly attend Circuits and Pilates classes down at my local gym which I absolutely love. I didn't realise how much I would enjoy taking part in these classes but some days they are the highlight of the working week, they give me something else to focus on for a change.

However as this week is Christmas, there are limited classes and I have more shifts at work so won't be able to attend, so only thing for it was a Sunday run day.

I gave my Sweaty Betty Leggings their first intense running trial today, as so far they've only been worn for indoor classes. I can confirm they are perfect. Comfortable, movable, supportive and flattering... Everything I'm looking for in my workout. They're also surprisingly warm for a standard fitness legging, I know it's not freezing outside but the wind makes it feel cooler and yet my legs felt protected enough for the run. 

Happy Sunday everyone x

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