Sunday, 8 November 2015

Why I'll Never Have A Floordrobe

I will never have a floordrobe. At least not a serious one. I can't comprehend how people get by in day-to-day life by hunting through a pile of clothes in the morning to get dressed. If I started my day on the floor digging through clothes I would probably give up all hope and get back into bed. I need order, nothing too complicated or regulated but a separate draw for trousers, jersey basics and jumpers, tops (as my dad would say "oh you've bought another top?") and then separate draws for underwear. It's a system and I'm a stickler for it.

After reading the Getting Dressed feature in ELLE this month it got me thinking about my relationship with clothes and I have to say some of the statistics made me chuckle and nod in agreement. Apparently we haven't worn 13.3% of our wardrobe... I could probably go a lot higher than that. I'm a hoarder. I admit it, and I have tried very hard to let go and to reshape my wardrobe. Especially seeing as we moved house in July and I did get rid of about three black bin bags worth of clothes (honest!) but I still look in the wardrobe sometimes and have the question "why do I have that still?". But guess what? I close the door and go back to getting dressed, that animal print playsuit I wore twice one summer stays in the wardrobe. Why can't I let go?

Maybe it's nostalgia, I can pin point when I wore certain items and it makes me smile about the memories. However I know (I mean I really know) that there is no chance of me wearing it again and I give myself a deadline. In July I said "Vicki, if you do not wear this playsuit over the summer months then come winter it is out, gone, bye bye." And yet, go check the back of the wardrobe now and it's still there. Face palm. I do clear out my wardrobe but I'm not ruthless, an ELLE top tip was "Enlist a good friend who you really trust to help with a wardrobe clear-out". I agree, it's a great idea in theory, but in reality I know my friend would make me get rid of so much, she is literally ruthless and would not understand my (slightly lame) excuses on why I want to keep said top.

I believe my real issue is the "what if" question. You don't know, maybe the animal print playsuit which is a little too tight will come back into my day to day style (yes I know, unlikely). If I had the money I would do a full clear out, cut it down to the basics, rid myself of naff tshirts and ill fitting jeans, I would buy all the classics from Zara that I love, the trend pieces from Topshop and some special pieces from & Other Stories. But until someone kindly hands me over those hundreds of pounds, I can't risk chucking out clothes and being left with nothing. Because if I'm honest I probably have about 10 max good outfits that I would wear regularly, everything else would not be seen out the house.

I can pretend that I laze around my house in cashmere sweats, cute black slips, hair perfectly bouncing away and a fresh face. But in reality it's trackies (or pyjamas if I'm really lazy) and a massive hoody, hair in a bun and the hope that I don't come across a mirror anytime soon. I don't care what I look like when I'm behind the closed doors, cosy inside in a world where no one sees, no one really cares and I can just chill and watch my box sets back to back hour after hour. It's much safer here. But I guess some days, I want that wow reaction. I genuinely feel better about myself when I put in a little effort, get a new pair of jeans that make my bum look good and put on some lippy. Sometimes just one or two wardrobe updates are enough to keep me happy. Other days, I think of the space I'm wasting with crap. I'm sorry little playsuit, you may have to go.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

BURBERRY: All Cried Out

"Classic coats and functional pieces mixed with elements of regalia. English lace and floor-length satin dresses with leather biker jackets. The Rucksack, regimental tailoring and The Belt Bag in oblong and square. Capes and weatherproof silks are practical and protective."

Fresh and sharp, the Burberry collection that debuted in Kensington Gardens was a fabulous combination of light sheer dresses, in sweet hues, and classic trench coats. Burberry always deliver a show stopping collection, and deliver they did. With natural light gleaming through the glass conservatory, the models circling the live orchestra lead with Alison Moyet singing, the collection was nailed there and then.

FROW faves, Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour and Mr Cumberbatch looked divine as always and shared laughter and approving nods as the new collection washed past them. Highlights include the new rucksack (form an orderly line now) personalised with each models initials, the lightweight trench coat which is perfect for spring (the lace detail was a perfect update to a classic), and the gorgeous sheer dresses paired with knits to cover up.

It was definitely my favourite show from LFW, keeping to the brands roots and adding that little personal touch, I would love to own one of everything (please… one sheer dress, the trench coat and a rucksack!). Oh and Mr Leather Jacket, yes I saw you there, and I think we would get on really well, so if you’d like to join my fun filled wardrobe then please do.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

COACH: Walk Through Fields Of Gold

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They nailed it. Yup. Coach's womenswear debut was stunning, set amongst fields of gold it was prairie meets punk with leather and flowers taking to the catwalk. One of the greatest things about the 21st century is how advanced our technology is, that even though I'm miles away, in a different time zone, I could watch the show live! Okay it's not the same as being there, but to witness the hustle and bustle as the crowd arrives, spot Chloe Mortez turn up (looking beautiful with the new saddle bag), and spy all the bloggers and journalists I love on the front row, it's quite special. And then the show begins, and I can see look after look appear, in front of my eyes. It's cinematic genius.

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I'm probably quite biased now about my love for this brand, but it's just something about it that captivates me each season. As I have mentioned, the AW15 collection is to die for, shearling and leather punk look is just perfect for winter. It makes a plain black winter outfit more exciting and daring. They showed this collection last Fashion Week but only as a presentation to a select few, so last night to see their first show come together was exciting. The brand is celebrating 75years and under the eye of Stuart Vevers, Coach is only going to blossom more.

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As I say, set in fields of gold, the models stomped the ground around a centrepiece of on-lookers, watching and snapping pictures. Walking to blissful beats and closed by One Love (bringing me back a few years to the days I spent obsessed by Mary J Blige and U2 cover) the music totally encompassed the whole feel of the show.  Floaty, light but with the edge of punk that Coach manages to throw in each season with ease. 

Although some of the pieces were a bit too floral for me, one floral top mixed with denim or leather can certainly work well. It looks like SS16 will be all about the balance of fresh, bright flowers and tough colours. The teal leather skirt is perfect (literally, need it now) and I love the idea of a flower leather waistcoat, instead of an all over bohemian flower shirt. There was a long brown leather coat, it looked stylish and chic and totally spring appropriate, but at the back of my mind I could just remember one of my Bratz dolls from when I was a kid, and she definitely had that coat first (and it looked fierce)!

Until next year Coach. I leave, wandering through fields, picking flowers and wearing biker jackets.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Lounging - AW style

I may have mentioned before my love of AW collections. There is something so satisfying about layers and the many options of coats, boots, polo necks, thick tights and winter accessories. As fashion weeks kick off for SS16 (already, mad!) I'm reminiscing about one of my favourite AW15 collections from February. Oh and definitely check out Milli Mackintosh's new book for top style, fitness and food tips! (I can't wait to try out some of her recipes).

Shearling and leather are the two key ingredients to a fabulous winter outfit and Coach have completely nailed it. This week they will have their first women's runway show (SS16) but back in February they presented this seasons collection and it is to die for. Since purchasing my gorgeous bag back in May I have followed the trends of Coach and couldn't wait to see this full AW collection. The Swagger handbag has a berry colour update for winter (beaut), add this to a leather and shearling jacket and jeans and you have yourself a gorgeous outfit. Suitable to go from day to night, investment pieces like this jacket will never let you down. 
I can't wait to see Coach's next campaign but for now here is my current AW mood board with what images are inspiring me this season - expect lots of black and white, burgundy, shearling, rustic interiors and delicious looking food.
Autumn/Winter 2015 Mood Board

Monday, 7 September 2015

Sunday Lounging

This week I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking.... Yes, we got a puppy. And yes he is bloody adorable. Logan, welcome to the household we all love you and your mischievous behaviour you big ball of fluff!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

Another weekend in the countryside and I'm still learning to love it. Long walks, beer festivals and games of tennis, it's all very relaxing and perfect for a long Bank Holiday weekend. I took the boyf to the country with me, with the temptation of beer and cider how could he refuse? 

The local village hosted the beer and cider festival at the pub, with live music and Thai food it was a great Saturday night. Luckily the weather held off and so Sunday was a day for exploring, we headed down to the very popular Lulworth Cove, which is fast becoming one of my favourite places down the coast. We took to the mile climb, a steep path up the cliff which was (eventually) well worth it when we saw the views. Looking out over Lulworth and out to sea, it's my idea of heaven, to have the salty sea breeze blowing through my hair and my loved ones by my side.

Feeling pretty chilled out now and getting ready for a short week (three cheers for long weekends!) I hope everyone else's weekend was just as lovely :) 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

It's all about champagne and celebrations this weekend. One of my best friends got married and I was lucky to be a part of the fairytale day. It's been a couple of years in the making and it was worth it. A perfect day, a beautiful location and the most incredible couple.

The whole day was a lot of fun (and very emotional too), from pampering and preparing in the tower in the morning, to watching the ceremony and seeing everyone cheer and blow bubbles as they exited the building as husband and wife. Horsley Towers was the perfect setting for this wedding, with a dabble of a Disney theme and the princess dress to go with it. I'm so proud of my dear friend and her lovely husband. Can't quite believe I have a married friend now!

It was a reminder of how awesome my friends are and how much fun we have together (some of the hangovers on Saturday morning were priceless), table wine, ice cream truck, bouncy castle and loud music... The perfect recipe for a brilliant evening celebrating. I love each and every one of these girls, who make bad days much more bearable, who make a simple dinner and drinks hilarious and who make having a hangover worthwhile for the memories of the night before. I wish Alice and Jack a very long and happy life together, love you both xxx

My man πŸ’œ

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

A little later than a Sunday (seriously where did the weekend go?) but my weekend wasn't all about lounging this week. It was home to the country! It feels strange to call it home as I don't know if it quite feels like that yet, this was my first trip out to the new house since my parents moved in and it was the best weekend.

I didn't realise how much I missed thee ol' rents and my home comforts (mum cooked up my fave meal - sausage casserole). I left the hustle and bustle of the city on Friday night and jumped on the train out to the sticks, past the alpaca farm and field of cows, into the heart of Dorset. It is so peaceful out there and our new home is beautiful. Saturday was spent being taken to all the 'hot spots' in the area: a beach trip, a country pub... ticking all the boxes. And Sunday I spent nesting in my new room, finding all my nic-nacks and making it homely.

My adorable parents in the new kitchen <3

It may be more like a holiday home to me, but seeing my parents so settled and happy made it feel no different to the old house... just a bit further away and a little more remote (seriously, I can see miles and miles of fields from my bedroom!). Can't wait to get back and visit for the long weekend at the end of the month... mum has promised to get a tennis membership so we can go play, god help us.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

Another Sunday, another week gone by. What a week, the one after holiday is always the hardest. Busy at work, missing the beach and back to the commute. But it has been a good week, I love to be busy and have challenges at work, it's the only way to learn.

This weekend my best friends sister got married and I went along to the evening reception which was spectacular. With such a beautiful couple it was without doubt that I knew this wedding would be picture perfect. The family always know how to put on a show, such a great bunch of people, live music (some fantastic karaoke from the family and friends), great dancing and a wonderful night.

So today bae has gone off on holiday for 5 days... will the cats away... I shop. Why not hey? New season is almost upon us, I've got my holy grail of September issue magazines in my hands and I have started the transition to autumn. Colours of autumn are always my fave, the blues and purples just work so well to make the daily black/grey outfit a little more alive.

Over at Jack Wills HO I have been lusting over our gorgeous damson colour for autumn and finally it landed in store. So I have snatched up my winter hoody (currently curled up on the sofa in it now... so cosy), I have eyed up some winter boots and can see suede is continuing for another season (yay!)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

Happy Sunday! And what a lovely day it is turning out to be. After a week in the sun in Spain, it is very tricky to come home and get back to reality. 

A week of sunshine, swimming, paddle boarding (ticked off the bucket list) and spending time with my boyfriend and his family was ideal. It's been a stressful couple of weeks and taking off for a week and forgetting it all was just what I needed. I'm now feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work (my internship got extended by three months, yay me!) and enjoy some of this unusually lovely English sunshine.

Sunday spent shopping, sorting and reading the fantastically inspiring Collective Hub magazine that I picked up in the airport. Fab read, inspiring stories and beautiful graphic layouts with brilliant quotes. Get a copy now! 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Big Move

So I have been a little MIA lately, and I know there are no excuses but when you pack up your life into one van and leave childhood behind, it kind of takes over everything else.

I have lived in the same home for 18years, and in the same town all my life so when my parents decided it was time for them to pack up and move out to the coast and countryside for a quieter life I had to start preparing. Now my parents have always joked about moving house, when I was at Uni and when I went travelling. Each time it was "Oh we might not be here when you get home". But they never did, not finding the right time or place.

But it has happened, and it happened fast. Within the space of me getting a new exciting internship (been here three months now!) my parents sold our home and found the country house of their dreams in Dorset and moved-in last week. At 23 I should be at the age to move out, find my own place and be wanting to get away from the parents, but truth be told I love my family and have never resented living at home (oh and I have no money, so that slows down the process).

It has been emotional, with such a quick move I didn't really have the time to believe it was happening (denial is it? Yes I think so), I just went along with packing up my room, doing some big clear outs and just accepted what was happening. One of my most emotional attachments was to my sofa (I know, tragic) but that sofa has seen me through some bad times, many a hangover, illness, movie marathons and dramatic TV finales, so I am allowed to miss it. My dad took no mercy and took pleasure in chopping it up into tiny pieces (it didn't make the requirements to move to the new home. Sob). And my bedroom, as everyone knows a bedroom is a sanctuary. I grew up there, I went from Beanie Babies and Bratz dolls to computer games and make-up, to hundreds of ELLE magazines, study days and TV boxsets. I have had more bedroom re-vamps than I can remember, got dolled up and re-dressed a thousands times, hosted many a girly sleep-over with my best friends and spent many an hour dreaming about my future. A room is not just a room.

It has been a week since the move and so far I don't think it has properly sunk in. I am now living with my boyfriend (which has it's own challenges, but I absolutely love it... so far) and because I spent so much time there anyway it just feels like I haven't gone home for the week. I know that when I go visit my parents in Dorset it will feel like going on holiday, not going home. Not yet anyway. I'm sure to make my mark there, to get the chance to create a new oasis for me, one that will actually be much more relaxing and probably more inspiring to me. But if I ever drive past the old house, that feeling of 'there's someone living in my room' doesn't disappear, not for me. I am known to get emotionally attached to things and places, so my family home is definitely one. How can it not be? When I made most of my life long friendships there, through hours in my garden hosting parties, trampolining, having family BBQ's and enjoying my childhood.

It was great to get all the family round a couple of weeks ago for one big summer BBQ (in the slight drizzle... It is an English summers BBQ after all. Nanny was wise and sat in the doorway). I wish my parents all the luck in the world at their new home and I can't wait to go join them and make my mark on the sleepy village.

On to a new chapter...

Wimbledon Diary

Here we have a day in the life of a Mornick Shirt Dress, taking it for a spin at Wimbledon with the afternoon ending up on Centre Court.

Wimbledon Whites (as we all know) are the essential uniform of all players participating in the tournament but also a huge style staple for spectators too. This year I decided to doll myself up and pull out a classic shirt dress from Jack Wills. Seriously, it's the perfect summer dress; light and breezy, smart but practical (my fave type of dressing).

Upon arrival the heavens decided to open on us (no!) so it was a quick pit stop for tea and cake (any excuse really). As we took in the grounds I got to catch a glimpse of the almighty Hewitt in a doubles match with the young Ozzy Kokkinakis. This is Hewitt's last showing at Wimbledon, so as you could imagine, the crowds were a plenty (people actually peering over the gates surrounding the court).

The first match we saw was the ladies, a three set battle (which very rarely happens in the women's game) whilst we enjoyed our picnic of sandwiches and a glass of Rose, very classy. We didn't have to wait long until the man that pretty much defines Wimbledon graced us on court. It was time for some Federer magic, the most suave and smooth player I have every had the pleasure to watch. With his glorious forehand and unstopable backhand he took control of the match from the start and played some highly entertaining crowd pleasing shots. 

After watching a first class Federer performance it was time for a Pimm's break. It was a much needed refreshment to wet the pallet for the last match of the day. We do tend to enjoy taking in the views and enjoy the sunshine once we have Pimm's in our hands.

Now for the match of the day, seriously if you didn't see this match (or haven't even heard about it) then where were you?! Nadal vs Dustin Brown was just magnificent. There were some incredible shots, Dustin's dreads were flying across the court. Nadal was outplayed by unconventional, brave and superb play from Dustin. It's hard to say whether it was luck or just sheer determination to throw everything he had at the match and try many different tactics. It was one of the greatest matches I have seen and the crowd went mad for Dustin. Nadal just seemed to be totally deflated by the end, whilst Dustin was up on cloud nine.

The match went into the evening taking us to a night time browse around the shops, grab a little snack and perch on the hill to watch Mahut vs Dogopolov battle it out on the big screen. There was still a huge crowd about, everyone enjoying the last of a great day of tennis and watching the sunset.

Exhausted we hopped on the bus back to Wimbledon Station, taking in the views of Wimbledon town and looking out over London city in the distance. Such a fab day of tennis, glorious sunshine and a dress that can take me from Centre Court to dinner and beyond.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Wimbledon 2015

Oh how I love Wimbledon, let me count the ways:

1. Your Pimm's bubbles.
2. Strawberries & cream is your signature meal (healthy and tasty).
3. Rain or shine we all have a good time.
4. In fact some of Wimbledons top moments have been during rain delays.
5. Your uniform of 'All-in-White' is chic and sophisticated.
6. I love to play 'guess who' to all the fabulous spectators that fill the Royal box.
7. Even though it's agony I love to see Andy Murray playing his best game on grass.
8. I'm happy to sit on coats/blanket/friends on Henman Hill/Murray Mound and watch all the action on the big screen (rain or shine! Pass the brolly).
9. I love the support. Every player has their fandom in their corner, with tshirts, hats and banners to show how much they're loved. The Hewitt chants, the Nadal 'Vamous!' cheers and all the nations flags flying high.
10. Wimbledon is the best place to people watch. Whether it's looking out for the commentators (Annabel Croft, in my eyes, has a brilliant job... She gets to travel the tennis tour, talk about tennis all day and chat with the players, and she always looks fantastic. Major shoe envy. And who doesn't love Sue Barker?), checking out the fabulously dressed guys and gals or hunting out for the players other halves (Kim Sears is a style hero.) You're bound to spot some fantastic (and hilarious) outfits.
11. The atmosphere around the grounds is electric from the show courts to the outside courts and the practice area. I can get so close to the action. And when the Brits are winning, there's no place better to be.
12. I love to dream. Each year we all unite on holding our breath when watching Murray step out onto court. We cheer, we sigh, and we hope. He's done it once and it was magnificent. So this year with toes and fingers crossed we can dream of Murray lifting the trophy once again! 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Nod To The Cowboys

A Nod To The Cowboy

When I flicked through my beloved ELLE magazines and saw the latest trends my instant thought was "really, flares... Not a chance" "suede, I don't think that's particularly practical". But I mulled the idea over and have been converted. From the 70s influences, the cowboys and the hippies, I tip my hat to the trend. Last week I purchased my first piece, a gorgeous zip front A-line suede skirt from M&S and I'm in love with it. Paired with plain black tee and my denim shirt it's the perfect summer piece, smart enough for the office but will be fun for the weekends.

Check out my latest Pinterest board to see my inspiration and what I love about this trend.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

I don't think there are enough adjectives in the English language for me to express how amazing the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A is. I was totally mind blown by the whole experience. 

I always expect great things for exhibitions, the clothes on display are lavish and the photographs are fantastic. But what I saw at the Savage Beauty exhibition was nothing short of theatre. Each room you went into told a different story, mixing his collections but ultimately the themes focused on one of the strongest catwalk shows of his time. There was definitely an overriding quite deeply disturbing vibe throughout the exhibition which reflects the life McQueen lived and how he became inspired for his collections.

My highlights of the exhibition would have to be:
'Cabinet of Curiosities' - A beautiful room full of nooks and crannies showing of the exquisite gowns, headdresses, shoes, bodices and so much more. It felt like you were walking into the set of one of the Harry Potter films. In the middle of the room was the finished "paint dress" spinning around as it did in the catwalk show where it became painted by mechanic arms. That's a true work of art.

'The Window of Culloden' - I don't know if anything has ever quite taken my breath away like this illusion of Kate Moss, suspended like a ghost in a prism. The room just became quiet whilst watching her move so gracefully and looking so serene. It was a recreation of the 2006 show where Kate was projected across the catwalk as a hologram, looking just like a ghost.

'Plato's Atlantis' - This is the last full collection that Alexander McQueen created before his death in 2010. It's a vision of the future and my favourite collection. The digitally engineered prints of sea creatures, jellyfish and the huge armadillo skin boots feel very modern and 'out of this world'. To see the army of dresses side by side was a dream, I definitely can see myself rocking one of the dresses for a night out... Right?

Unfortunately you can't take photos in the exhibition but as it was a birthday day out I was treated to the exceptionally beautiful book that accompanies the exhibition. This is definitely a coffee table book, it's a heavy weight, indulgent page turner. Filled with beautiful pictures of backstage, the designs, catwalk shows and McQueens life. It's a beautiful memoir to celebrate his life and his work. It will defitnley be centre stage on my coffee table (one day when I get that beautiful Notting Hill home that I dream of). I highly recommend that you go book tickets right now to witness this fabulous collection (before it finishes at the beginning of August) which has been pulled together and presented in the most wondrous of ways.
I leave, breathless and inspired.
"I think there is beauty in everything. What "normal" people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it." - Alexander McQueen