Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Open your heart to the sun..... And breath

Three days hard work and early mornings has pushed me this week. However I have enjoyed these shifts; I've been involved in merchandising the new collections in store, presenting the marketing displays, combining accessories and basically making sure the clothes look desirable to our customers. It's much more the area of fashion I want to be involved in and I feel privileged that my manager allowed me to have this responsibility to be more creative at work.

After these early days, heavy lifting and long shifts, Wednesday nights Pilates class was just what I needed. Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is excericise after a long day, you just want to curl up in bed with chocolate and watch a film. But with a class booked, I had to get off my bum and go. 

The workout was tough, lots of thigh and bum strengthening and toning. With the sun gleaming through, pumping my legs and breathing hard I felt like I was working out all the stress and tension from the last three days. As always those last three minutes of just laying, breathing and fully relaxing and pushing out any thoughts in my mind were beneficial. Mind clear, body pushed, feeling good. 

Open your heart to the sun... And breath

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fitness update

Last night at my Pilates class we were introduced the fitness balls... this lead to lots of hysteria as our improving balance was tested and our core strength was pushed to its limits.

Since I started Pilates when I arrived home from Australia in March, I have found that it really helps to build up my core muscles and also help me to relax. Just an hour once a week is the beginning of feeling healthier inside and out. Because it is a local gym we go to, me and my mum can walk to the session each week which just adds to the work out and it's an hour and a half where I completely shut out the world; no technology and no communication with anything outside my class. I definitely need this time to just think about myself, my body and not worry about everything else going on.

Along with Pilates I am attempting these 30 Day challenges and I will admit sometimes I do miss a day so it will take me longer to complete. I find that even though I'm not noticing physical changes from the Ab workout, I have noticed a change in my strength and do find each movement easier each time and it has helped out with my core strength for my Pilates classes. Squat challenge definitely improves the tone and perkiness of the bottom. In general I am feeling stronger and leaner, I just struggle with sticking to a healthy diet and not snacking so much, but I'm sure I'll get there soon enough.

It's just best to remember that doing a little bit of exercise, whatever it is, helps not only your body but your mind. Sometimes we stress too much about things we can do nothing about. Just switch off that phone, close your mind off to the outside world and just stretch, run, jump and smile

Summer flowers

Having fresh flowers around the house in Summer is just one of the best things. They brighten up the room and in general just look very pretty. Luckily my lovely boyfriend brought me this bouquet, a combination of purples, yellows and white which matches the d├ęcor of my room. I love that there is one solitude yellow rose and sunflower amongst the bouquet.
During the day I like to have the flowers out by my window so that they are illuminated by the natural day light. A good sized bouquet of flowers can make a statement feature in any room, choose the right colours and size they will look beautiful on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day trip to Wimbledon


I say trip because I quite literally bumped into Laura Robson when I was leaving Court 3 at lunchtime on Monday. I was exiting the premises, after watching the beautiful Lopez win his third round match against the giant that is Isner, as Laura Robson was coming into the court to head up to the commentators box for the start of the women's 4th round match. I must say she is a lot taller than she looks on tv!

The Lopez vs Isner match was full of excitement and big big serves. Three tie break sets, the first in which Isners powerful serve saw him break through, the next two with Lopez's graceful glide across court for some beautiful backhand shots saw him 2 sets to 1 up going into the fourth set. At 5 all in the 4th set Lopez jumped for joy as he finally managed to break Isner, the joy was written all over his face and from there he served out for the match winning 6-7,7-6,7-6,7-5.

True to Wimbledon we did experience some rain delays, which is actually quite exciting as you watch the super quick ground staff get everything off the court and the covers across in a flash. Rain delays mean a chance to stretch the legs have a look in the shops, and be able to go and look at some of the now very historical photographs and score boards... Andy Murray 2013 champion, it is just such an incredible achievement and so exciting to see the photos of him holding his trophy. 

We watched Murray on the big screen at *insert chosen title here* (Henman Hill/Murray Mount/Mound) as he pushed aside 20th seed Kevin Anderson, sat back in our seats to see Makarova dismiss Radwanska in straight sets and watched the start of a quick hit mixed doubles matched which was great fun to watch, but come 7.30pm and the heavens started to open again.... So after a full day of excitement, Pimms and weather woes we headed on our merry way home.

Stars spotted around the Wimbledon grounds:
Judy Murray up in the members balcony watching over at her 'Deliciano' Lopez
Laura Robson
Marin Cilic 
Kim Sears
Trevor McDonald

*as writing this I'm sad to update that Lopez has been knocked out by Wawrinka in the fourth round
**as predicted tomorrow will see a quarter final clash between Andy Murray and Dimitrov (can't wait!)
***new up and coming 19 year old Australian, Kyrgios, is currently at one set all and on serve in the third (Tuesday 1st July 6.30pm) against Nadal, and he looks fierce, fantastic server and very quick player! He is definitely going to be one to watch... But is he ready for the big occasion, can he handle the pressure to knock out this champion?