Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wimbledon Diary

Here we have a day in the life of a Mornick Shirt Dress, taking it for a spin at Wimbledon with the afternoon ending up on Centre Court.

Wimbledon Whites (as we all know) are the essential uniform of all players participating in the tournament but also a huge style staple for spectators too. This year I decided to doll myself up and pull out a classic shirt dress from Jack Wills. Seriously, it's the perfect summer dress; light and breezy, smart but practical (my fave type of dressing).

Upon arrival the heavens decided to open on us (no!) so it was a quick pit stop for tea and cake (any excuse really). As we took in the grounds I got to catch a glimpse of the almighty Hewitt in a doubles match with the young Ozzy Kokkinakis. This is Hewitt's last showing at Wimbledon, so as you could imagine, the crowds were a plenty (people actually peering over the gates surrounding the court).

The first match we saw was the ladies, a three set battle (which very rarely happens in the women's game) whilst we enjoyed our picnic of sandwiches and a glass of Rose, very classy. We didn't have to wait long until the man that pretty much defines Wimbledon graced us on court. It was time for some Federer magic, the most suave and smooth player I have every had the pleasure to watch. With his glorious forehand and unstopable backhand he took control of the match from the start and played some highly entertaining crowd pleasing shots. 

After watching a first class Federer performance it was time for a Pimm's break. It was a much needed refreshment to wet the pallet for the last match of the day. We do tend to enjoy taking in the views and enjoy the sunshine once we have Pimm's in our hands.

Now for the match of the day, seriously if you didn't see this match (or haven't even heard about it) then where were you?! Nadal vs Dustin Brown was just magnificent. There were some incredible shots, Dustin's dreads were flying across the court. Nadal was outplayed by unconventional, brave and superb play from Dustin. It's hard to say whether it was luck or just sheer determination to throw everything he had at the match and try many different tactics. It was one of the greatest matches I have seen and the crowd went mad for Dustin. Nadal just seemed to be totally deflated by the end, whilst Dustin was up on cloud nine.

The match went into the evening taking us to a night time browse around the shops, grab a little snack and perch on the hill to watch Mahut vs Dogopolov battle it out on the big screen. There was still a huge crowd about, everyone enjoying the last of a great day of tennis and watching the sunset.

Exhausted we hopped on the bus back to Wimbledon Station, taking in the views of Wimbledon town and looking out over London city in the distance. Such a fab day of tennis, glorious sunshine and a dress that can take me from Centre Court to dinner and beyond.

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