Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday Lounging

Another weekend in the countryside and I'm still learning to love it. Long walks, beer festivals and games of tennis, it's all very relaxing and perfect for a long Bank Holiday weekend. I took the boyf to the country with me, with the temptation of beer and cider how could he refuse? 

The local village hosted the beer and cider festival at the pub, with live music and Thai food it was a great Saturday night. Luckily the weather held off and so Sunday was a day for exploring, we headed down to the very popular Lulworth Cove, which is fast becoming one of my favourite places down the coast. We took to the mile climb, a steep path up the cliff which was (eventually) well worth it when we saw the views. Looking out over Lulworth and out to sea, it's my idea of heaven, to have the salty sea breeze blowing through my hair and my loved ones by my side.

Feeling pretty chilled out now and getting ready for a short week (three cheers for long weekends!) I hope everyone else's weekend was just as lovely :) 

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