Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Australian Adventure

I could write for hours about how unbelievable my 10 week trip to Australia was. Instead I will share some of my favourite memories, the moments that made me catch my breath, squeal out loud, and make my heart stop.

(All images my own and these few are selected out of probably 3000+ so you're lucky I'm not bombarding you with that many)
1. Road trip to The Twelve Apostles
2&3. My beautiful Sydney
4. 7K hike up Wilsons Prom
5. Visiting the Home and Away set and watching filming (and meeting cast members!) at Palm Beach Sydney
6. My best friend Darryl at Taronga Zoo
7. Feeding Wallabies in Port Douglas/Cairns
8. Learning to surf in Sydney, such a brilliant feeling to catch a wave and spend a weekend cut off from the rest of the world and do nothing but surf.
9. Milla Milla Falls, Cairns
10. Beautiful fish in the Great Barrier Reef
11. Reef selfie
12. 6.30am sunrise in Apollo Bay
13. Meeting Nadal at the Australian Open! (Spent two days there, so much fun!)
14. Eureka Tower, Melbourne
15. Handstand celebration after the hike at Wilsons Prom
16. Celebrating Australia Day

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