Friday, 24 April 2015

Bali Photo Diary

I shall try to keep it short and sweet. Bali is beautiful. Yes, what with the bright blue sky, the crystal clear sea, friendly locals and a reunion with my best friends, it's safe to say that a two week vaction to Bali was perfect. 

Here I am posting some of my fave snaps of the holiday which I have shared on Instagram. Believe me I have taken hundreds of photos so trying to cut it down is a big challenge. I hope that the beauty of this country shines through in my photos (and the fun we had). 

Kuta - dubbed as the party town of Bali. But we're not big party people, so we found a pool bar (HQ) which looked over the beach and there we stayed with our Bintangs and scrabble for the duration of our stop over days. 

Gili Meno - possibly one of the most incredible islands I have ever visited. The Gili Islands are made of three small islands off the top of Lombok, the one we stayed on was so small you could walk around the island in about 2hours (if you didn't get sucked in by quaint beach bars and the clear water calling out to you in the heat of the day) and there is no public transport, just bicycles and horse and cart. At night with no street lamps (or streets for that matter, just sand covered paths) you can see the milkyway, during the day you can bask in the heat on beautiful secluded beaches and eat fantastic food from plenty of beach front bars and restaurants. We stayed in a brilliant bungalow, with stone walls and a thatched roof, with an outdoor plunge pool and shower (watching the night sky twinkle whilst you shower is a must) and we made full use of our little front porch for evenings playing scrabble, the game of choice between our travelling group. 

Tulamben - the last stop on our adventure was up to the Northern Territory of Bali, where volcanoes, mountains and black beaches rule all. Our resort was spectacular, I opened the curtains each morning to the views of our beautiful pool and the sea lapping onto the black sand beach. We went on a day exploring our surroundings which lead us to Lake Batur, a crater lake surrounding a volcano. It was spectacular, we got taken to some hot springs where we relaxed in the natural hot water overlooking the lake. It was a great end to a very memorable trip, I found time to reflect as we watched the sunrise on the last morning and had delicious fresh fruit smoothies overlooking the sea.

If you're planning a trip to Bali make sure you plan time to explore all the beauties the islands have to offer and allow plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

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