Saturday, 13 February 2016

Guest Blog on Fashion Heaven Inc

Last month I guest appeared on Fashion Heaven Inc where I wrote about my take on Athleisure and how I adore that sports apparel is now accepted as a fashion statement. Whether you go full tracksuit, just wear the trainers with your dress or mix the 90s trend in to your working wardrobe, there is something for everyone.
I loved having the opportunity to write for the guys over at Fashion Heaven Inc, and if you'd like to read my full article pleases click here. I'm hoping to write some more pieces and again write more regularly, I know I have promised this before but now I have a life routine! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, I have a full time job and have just finished my first week and loved it. I will be sure to write about it all soon.
Again, to read about how to Keep On Track This Season, head over to Fashion Heaven Inc, you might even find some jobs you're interested in!

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