Monday, 25 January 2016

Lessons Of An Intern

There is still such a stigma around internships in the fashion industry but for me I have only had great experiences. I am a firm believer in you get what you put into these sorts of opportunities and I go in with all the intentions of being indispensable. And I'd say so far so good, I've met some pretty awesome people and learnt a lot, and not just what Starbucks everyone wants and who has a weakness for mini eggs.

My time at Allsaints started in such a whirlwind that the fact it's ending already seems a bit mad. Within one email I had an interview the next day and by the time I got home that night they had called to offer me the position as PR intern. A week later and I was there, early and dressed in my best (give the best impression on day one and then slowly wind down into rocking the trainers), ready to learn everything and soak up all that I can.

What I learnt whilst there? Well where can I begin, other than patience, working super quickly and efficiently to get the latest SS16 samples to the glossy magazines, I also learnt how to conduct myself in a professional but still totally me way! From chatting with my amazing employers about how they have got to where they are, listening to them talk with fashion assistants at ELLE and Vogue, booking breakfasts with fashion houses and writing notes to accompany gifts to send to the teams, I've learnt how you can build relationships with so many amazing people in the fashion industry.

I of course learnt lots of other valuable skills but I think learning how important it is to build relationships within the fashion industry, knowing who works for who and that breakfast is the best place to talk business are the top ones. So as I get ready to sign off and head to Canada (YES I'm going skiing for ten days and of course I'm totally over excited) I will be reading my magazines, making notes of who is writing what and preparing myself for my new job in February.


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