Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Keep pushing

After a long day at work, I really didn't feel like heading to the gym last night. However, I got myself into my gym gear, out into the rain and on my way to Circuits. As always, one workout was all it took to switch my mood around. Each time I feel like I can't be bothered or feel like giving up I will remember the feeling, the feeling of accomplishment and the smile I have on my face at the end of a workout. Exhausted, sweaty but feeling more energised and happy. Last night I beat my PB of 12 full push-ups, maybe to some that seems like a small achievement, but for me, a girl who has always struggled with upper body strength and weak arms, I was very proud of myself. I will keep at my sessions and I will continue to document my progress, living a healthy and happy lifestyle. So now for a cup of tea and Mentliast marathon; it's all about the balance.

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